"I spent a long time looking for among the several books of poetry, words contained in them were my things, my feelings. I think what we really feel, can not be written. Not by power not really, but because it is complicated to describe. Everything that we look up in order to explain our feelings, is somewhat superficial, something that tells a little about everyone .. "
Kyle Singh. Ravenclaw. Sixteen years. Pureblood.
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ooc: Tipo, eu acho que tem o turno da haleigh com a hestia e da frankie com o wilkes

ooc: Eu já respondi o do Chris: Aqui. Vou responder o da Hestia.

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ooc: que lindo =’D HEAIUOHEAOIUHEUI 
ooc: E ele só tem três anos s2 KSLÇAKSÇLAKSÇAKS 

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